Rhinoplasty before and after and its Cost

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular surgeries these days. You must have seen a number of celebrities who have undergone nose job for the sake for beautifying their physical appearance. Nose is a sensitive organ and any nose surgery must be done with a well experienced professional. The plastic surgeons are the most deserving individuals who work with sincere efforts to satisfy their clients.

Rhinoplasty before and after
Rhinoplasty before and after

There are benefits and side effects of every plastic surgery. The nose may appear unreal or unnatural at times because our look changes as we grow older. At the end of the day the decision is totally of the client that he is comfortable with this surgery. In case there is a nose injury or any issue with the breathing then in that case you are bound to go for the plastic surgery. But it is just to look more attractive and beautiful then I would suggest you to think once again. In the lines below I will tell you in detail about rhinoplasty, its risks, recovery period and the cost so that you can all the doubts that are in your mind before you step ahead for the surgery.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is commonly known as “nose resizing” or “nose shaping”. Those have problems is breathing related to nose go for this surgery. Some people prefer rhinoplaty for the sake of further beautifying their physical appearance.

What are the reasons of Rhinoplasty?

In most of the cases the people go for rhinoplasty in order to improve the proportion of their nose. Other reason can be that you might be feeling uncomfortable when you breathe so medical professional recommend rhinoplasty in that case. The following are the most common reasons that compel the people to go for rhinoplasty.

  • Then nose appears much wider when viewed from the front
  • When nasal bridge has a bump
  • When the appearance of the nose is too large for your face
  • The nasal tip if plunges or droops
  • The tip of the nose is enlarged or thickened
  • When the nose is crooked or off centered
  • When the nostrils are very much flared
  • The nose has become asymmetrical due to an injury

What is the cost of Rhinoplasty?

You must know that rhinoplaty is an expensive surgery that is preferred by those who can bear the expenses of this surgery. The average rhinoplasty cost in US in $4600. But the costs may vary from country to country because it figure doesn’t include other expenses like anesthesia, facilities of the operating room etc. the cost will be more if the surgeon is very much experienced.

Risks associated with Rhinoplasty

Almost every surgery involves risks factor but the choice is totally of the candidate who is willing to have this plastic surgery. If who are fine with it and you will get more benefits after the surgery then be confident and go for it. During the surgery it is the surgeon’s decision to add any tissue or remove the some cartilage or bone.

First of all share your goals of rhinoplasty with your surgeon and it the results are realistic then he will agree for your nose job. Make sure you plan for the surgery with fully developed nose because if it is done before time then you can get a number of complications and the surgical results may change. You will have to sign the permission form to ensure the staff that you are aware of each and every details of this plastic surgery especially the risks associated t this surgery. So clear your mind first before the surgery. The risks may include:

  • Bleeding
  • Anesthesia complications
  • Infections
  • Poor healing of wound
  • Minute scarring after recovery
  • Changing in skin sensation
  • Nasal septal perforation
  • Difficulty in breathing properly
  • Swelling plus skin discoloration
  • Chances of revisional surgery
  • Non-satisfaction with the nasal appearance

Recovery of Rhinoplasty

Once the surgery is performed then there is a kind of packing placed inside the nose and bandages on the outer side of your nose with a purpose to protect the new structure of the nose at the time of initial healing.

You will feel initial swelling after the surgery but don’t worry because it will subside after some weeks. Almost after one year your new nasal contour will be refined absolutely. There can occur, some changes with the appearance during the permanent healing but they are normal. During the permanent healing period there will be swelling that will come and go at different time intervals.

The instructions given to the patient after the surgery are:

  • Medicines that must be taken orally or applied to prevent the infection
  • How to take care of the surgical site
  • Things to be noticed at the surgical site
  • Time to meet the surgeon after the initial healing

Don’t be shy at all rather ask good questions to your surgeon related to surgery that how long it will take to recover completely, medications after the surgery and many other questions like these.

Results of Rhinoplasty before and after

The rhinoplasty results are long lasting so those who are willing to go for this surgery can seriously consider it. The rhinoplasty before and after pictures can further clear your doubts that it is a successful surgery. From the pictures of those who have undergone rhinoplasty it is completely visible that the results are very must satisfying. When you grow there can changes with your appearance including nose but it is common every one of us. Make sure that you follow a healthy life style and sun protection very well to extend the surgery results further.

After the surgery the face will appear puffy around the eyes but is will be removed within a week. Cold compresses are also suitable to reduce swollen and pain. A lot of surgeons’ advice to keep the head still and elevated during the initial recovery period. You can get back to routine work after some months.


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