Dental hygienist salary, Assistant & Plastic surgeon

There are a number of honorable professions in the world that are seen with respect and honor. As it is said that a doctor is the life saver similarly a plastic surgeon, dental assistant, dental hygienist and obviously the dentist who takes the oral care of the patients. So in the following lines I will discuss each of the above mentioned professions in detail along with their estimated salaries.

Plastic surgeon salary
Plastic surgeon salary

Plastic surgeon’s duties and salary

A plastic surgeon is the one whose job is to perform cosmetic surgeries to the patients in order to enhance their appearance. He is there to analyze the patient and then diagnoses him and if the surgery is needed then he performs the surgery to give normal appearance to the people with abnormalities on any part of the human body. The usual surgical procedures are rhinoplasty, contracture surgery, abdominoplasty, mastectomy, augmentation mammoplasty, chemical peel and many others. Being a plastic sergeon is one of the high paying professions which is not an easier job rather.

The plastic surgeon enhances the facial features of the people who are willing to do so. Even those patients who are burned accidentally go for the plastic surgery whose severe injuries make them disfigured. In most of the cases the surgeries are perform to correct the abnormalities but some people also go for these surgeries because who want to imprve their looks. Even those with birth defects and other types of abnormalities are recommended plastic surgeries.

What is the salary of the plastic surgeon?

The plastic surgeons earn lots of dollars as their salary range is $66,000-508, 00 per annum. The plastic surgeon salary depends upon the expertise and experience of the plastic surgeon.

Duties of a plastic surgeon

As we know that the job of a plastic surgeon is very tough. The following duties are usually performed by a plastic surgeon.

  • To perform various types of plastic surgeries
  • To determine the schedule of patient’s treatment and surgery
  • Be an active participant in meetings about patient’s care and recovery
  • Provide evaluations to be followed

 Dental assistant responsibilities and salary

Dental assistance is the qualified person who is supervised by a dentist and he assists the dentist in a number of ways. He has to perform various tasks that are involved with the dental treatments. The oral health care is a tough job and the dental assistant has to work responsibly in the laboratory.

Responsibilities of a dental assistant

The following are the duties performed by a dental assistant.

  • Prepares the dental instruments by sterilizing them and keeping them in the area of access of the dentist.
  • Preparation of the treatment room followed by procedures.
  • Answers to the questions of the patients.
  • Mixing and preparing the materials for the patient.
  • Cleaning and polishing of appliances.
  • Helps the dentists during the emergencies like oxygen supply etc.
  • To give instructions to the patients regarding oral hygiene, plaque control and so on.
  • Keeps the record of the patient’s visits.
  • Provides clean and hygienic working environment for the dentist.
  • Maintains the surgical equipments and calls for their repair when needed.
  • Attends a number of workshops at professional level for educational purpose.
Dental hygienist salary
Dental hygienist salary

What is the salary of a dental assistant?

The job of the dental assistant requires alertness and activeness because he is the one who has to help the dentist every time. The dental assistant salary consists of a handsome amount that is around $16/hour.

Dental hygienist services and salary

The scope of the carrier of the dental hygienist is very bright because there is great demand of a dental hygienist. The job is very challenging though there are chances of progress as the time passes. He has to provide dental care, examining the patient to know about the signs of any disease, clean the patient’s teeth and to convey knowledge to the patients.

Services of a dental hygienist

There are a number of tasks that a dental hygienist has to perform. The following are the fundamental duties of a dental hygienist.

  • Charts the structures of teeth
  • Removes the plaque and calculus
  • To process, expose and labeling the dental radiographs
  • Gives instructions about oral hygiene
  • provides a dietary analysis to the patient
  • tells regarding cavity prevention

What is the salary of a dental hygienist?

The job of a dental hygienist is not as tougher but the salary total depends upon the skills, expertise and experience of the dental hygienist. The dental hygienist salary on average is around $32/hour.

Dentist’s duties and salary

A dentist is the physician who works in the field of dentistry. The dentist treats the teeth, mouth, gums and others areas of a human being. As we know that the complete health of person is directly linked with the health of his mouth. Regular dental checks are necessary in order to know about the teeth conditions.  He works with other staff members like nurse, hygienist, therapist and other staff.

Duties of a dentist

There are a number of duties that are performed by a dentist. The fundamental duties are as follows.

  • Conduct oral check-ups of the patients
  • Oral dental treatment
  • Performing dental surgeries
  • Treatments like tooth filling, extraction, polishing and cleaning of teeth
  • Provides preventive dental care
  • Teeth examinations and diagnoses by x-rays, etc
  • Maintenance of patient’s dental record
  • Managing the equipments stocks

Dental hygienist salary

What is the salary of a dentist?

The job of a dentist is most crucial as he has to perform the treatments as well as assist the other staff members working with him. Dentist acts very responsibly because the issues with teeth are one of the sensitive issues. So the dentist gets his reward in the form of his salary. The dentist salary differs from state to state and it depends on a number of factors like the skills and experience of the dentist.

The average salary of a dentist is US is around $123,000/year.

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