Plastic Surgery

Hollywood Celebrities Before and after Plastic Surgery

Now a day’s plastic surgery is very common in Hollywood celebrities. Most of them already gone through it and remaining are planning. We found some pictures of famous Hollywood celebrities of how they look before and after their Plastic Surgeries. Most of them gone nose job, or lips, and mostly of female actress done breast and butt implants. Lindsay Lohan ...

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Truth about Vanna White plastic surgery revealed

Vanna is popular throughout the world because of his co-hosting in the Hollywood program Wheel of Fortune Show. In addition, she has also acted in some of the Hollywood movies. Because of her amazing features and outstanding genes that are provided to her by God, she always looked young and beautiful from late fifties. However, there are also professional makeup ...

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Rumors about Sofia Vergara plastic surgery!

Sofia Vergara had been working in a very sitcom with the name of “Modern Family”. She said that because of enlarged breast size, she was able to move up on the stairs of success. But she was also admitting to that she felt some issues regarding the size of her breast. She always discussed to her mother but her mother ...

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How Anna Faris plastic surgery got popular?

Anna Farris is one of the most popular actresses of Hollywood. She always keeps her own friendly personality and anyone can easily reach her and be friendly to her despite of her fame. Like many other Hollywood actresses, Anna Faris plastic surgery is also done for plastic surgery and there was a drastic change in her over all look. This ...

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The nostalgia of plastic surgery before and after looks and its consequences

plastic surgery before and after

This era will not find anything wrong with changing your outlook and trying to look pretty because images are everything. Before deciding to go for something like plastic surgery; do not forget to look into your internal satisfaction. Search your soul and find out whether you are happy with your inner beauty or not because outer looks can be changes ...

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Side Effects of bad Plastic Surgery in Case Gone Wrong

Plastic surgery is a specialized technique through which the restoration or correction of form or function is done. Form describes in any part of the body.  The origin of this word is “plastikos”, a Greek word which means to fit for decoration. The technique is widely associated with form. Plastic surgery can be divided into 2 major parts. Cosmetic Surgery ...

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Donatella versace young, Sofia Vergara& Vanna white plastic surgery Hidden Secrets

vanna white plastic surgery

Most incredible facts about the beauty and style are about be exposed in this article we will discuss some incredible stories of some gorgeous and elegant TV personalities. Who often states that they do never receive any plastic surgery treatment though they admire plastic surgery somehow. But we can’t find out the reasons why after having this treatment and admiring ...

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Anna Faris and Nicki Minaj before Plastic Surgery

When you look at some celebrities today, you may think that they had possessed their current body appearance prior to reaching stardom. But, the converse is actually true. More than three quarters of the superstars in the entertainment industry across the entire globe have made use of plastic surgery at one time or another. Stardoms of the entertainment industry are ...

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Worst Plastic Surgery | Plastic Surgery Before and After

Worst Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has continued to be very popular among people of all ages. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most important surgeries across the entire medical industry. This is particularly because it can be used in various fields including medicine and the beauty industry. In medicine, plastic surgery is used to correct disfigured faces. For example, ...

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